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Fiona Malena - August 2013 & 2014
(Company Workshop)


Described as a dancer of “unique and mesmerizing talent,” Fiona Malena received her training and formation as a dancer in Seville, Spain. Her acclaimed mentors and teachers include Farruquito, Juana Amaya, Concha Vargas and Andrés Marín, among others.

Fiona has choreographed and presented new works for the stage since 2001. Past performances have included collaborations with Spanish and international artists such as Pedro Sierra, Juan Ogalla, Niño de Elche, La Tobala, Ramón Martínez, Oscar Lago and David Palomar. Performances in Spain have included performing as a soloist in the production “Y ahora soy yo la Torera” in the Alcazar of Seville, Teatro Cerezo of Carmona and the Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera. Other performances include Patio Las Cruces “Flamenco sin Fronteras,” Arrayan’s “Tarde de Flamenco Puro”, Tablao Puerta del Sol, “T de Triana” and Pistadigital, among others. Fiona continues to perform regularly with her Seville-based flamenco ensemble in Spain and elsewhere.

Fiona’s performances in Canada and the States include opening for Academy Award winner Buffy Sainte-Marie (Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary). Fiona has also been a guest artist with Pavlo, the Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble, Flamenco Rosario and Enrique Esmeralda Spanish Dance Company with guest artists Juan Ogalla and Encarna Anillo (Harbourfront Centre, Toronto).


  Fiona Malena

Fiona Malena Karen Flamenco

Fiona Malena Karen Flamenco


Maria Juncal

Karen Flamenco Workshop

Maria Juncal, born in the Canary Islands, moved to Madrid to study with many of the preeminent flamenco masters such as Ciro, Cristobal Reyes, Paco Pena, Merche Esmeralda and La Tati. She soon became a member of some of the leading Spanish flamenco companies, performing throughout Europe, Asia and America. Early in her career she worked with the National Ballet of Cuba, and became a member of the company of El Guito. In Germany she presented her first show, La Gitana Blanca, and in the U.S. she made her debut as a soloist for the Jose Greco Company and also appeared as a soloist for a Joaquin Cortes production with performances in Europe and Japan. She formed her own company in 2003. The success of her initial production, performed in Mexico, led to numerous invitations to perform in many of the best venues in Mexico and Spain. With the release of her show Destemplao she embarked on a European tour that included performances in 20 cities in the Netherlands alone. In 2009 she developed Tercera Llamada and her latest production Flamenco Intimo has already being sold around the world but the premier will be Oct 27th and 28th in Miami, USA.


July 9th to 15th, 2012


LEVEL 2 Advanced/Professional TARANTOS 5:30 to 7:30pm
(1:00 to 3:00pm - Sat & Sun)

 LEVEL 1 Beginner/Intermediate ALEGRIA  8:00 to 10:00pm
(3:30 to 5:30pm - Sat & Sun)


if the workshop of your choice is FULL, please email us to be put on a wait-list.

(limit of 10 dancers per workshop)


Soledad Barrio

Karen Flamenco Workshop

Soledad Barrio was born In Madrid. She has appeared as soloist with Manuela Vargas, Blanca del Rey, Luisillo, El Guito, Manolete, Cristobal Reyes, and El Toleo, Ballet Espanol de Paco Romero, Festival Flamenco and many other companies. Barrio has performed throughout Europe, Japan and North and South America with such artists as Alejandro Granados, Isabel Bayón, Jesus Torres, Miguel Pérez, Manolo Marin, Javier Barón, Merce Esmeralda, Rafael Campallo, Belén Maya, etc. She has won awards from over twelve different countries around the globe for her excellence in dance, and was awarded a "Bessie" for Outstanding Creative Achievement in 2001. She is a founding member of Noche Flamenca and is married to Martín Santangelo. They have two beautiful and extraordinary daughters, Gabriela and Stella.


Soledad will be performing at The Chan Centre - Sat, Jan 21st as part of the PUSH FESTIVAL

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL - Sat, Jan 21st 2012 - 11:00am - 12:30pm

(limited space available)

Karen Flamenco wishes to thank the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts and the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival for their support of this workshop.

Karen Flamenco Workshop


El Farru

Antonio Montoya Flores, El Farruco, was a gypsy dancer of no schooling who performed the most deep-rooted gypsy style of flamenco dance. He was born in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, in 1935 and is part of the great Montoya dynasty whose members include the guitarist Ramon Montoya, El Farruco`s grandfather.

This great name in Flamenco spent most of his youth on the open road living the traditional gypsy existence. His father was a horse and cattle dealer who traded at the fairs and markets of Andalucía, where a young Farruco would entertain with his mother La Farruca, a Moroccan beauty who was also a dancer.



El Farru Farruco Karen Flamenco Workshop

El Farru Farruco at Karen Flamenco

El Farru Farruco at Karen Flamenco


Maria Emma Estrada

Emma’s introduction to Spanish dance began in the early 1990’s during her studies at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. After a few years of Spanish dance lessons in Manila, Emma revisited the roots of Flamenco, training intensively at the prestigious Flamenco school Escuela Amor de Dios in Madrid under world renowned bailaores like La Tati, Candela Soto, Antonio Reyes, Maria Magdalena, La China and Carmela Greco. Inspired by Flamenco’s beauty, she conceived and founded Fundación Centro Flamenco. Presently, she divides her time between Centro Flamenco and traveling to Spain where she continues to hone her craft under young and illustrious professors like La Truco, Miguel Cañas and Pepa Molina.



Cristina Hall

Born in San Fransisco, California in 1981 Cristina began her artistic formation in Seville, Spain, where she studied with acclaimed flamenco artists such as Eva Yerbabuena, Israel Galvan, Antonio Canales, and Andrés Marín amongst many others. Since then she has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Andrés Peña, Rafael Amargo, Domingo Ortega, Pastora Galván, Manuel de la Malena, amongst others.


Cristina Hall Karen Flamenco Workshop